Landscape Architecture

The design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioural, or aesthetic outcomes.


Architect to The Stars: Paul R. Williams

By R. Kofi Bempong

Discover Paul R. Williams, a trailblazing African American architect who reshaped American design. From the LAX Theme Building to celebrity homes, Williams' over 3,000 works blend modernism with Hollywood Regency.


Walter Hood StoryMap

This AADN StoryMap investigates Places through the lens of the work of Walter Hood and social art and design practice Hood Design Studio, Inc.


Hayden Plaza

Interfacing with public space and communities is more of a personal design ethos and agenda as opposed to an industry norm.  Considering how contentious public space can be, a designer who steps up to the task of designing with the...


Reflective Properties

Landscape Architecture concerns itself with what connects us: the earth beneath our feet.  However, with the ubiquitous use of digital technologies, how can our physical, earthly landscapes interface with our ever-evolving digital landscapes? It is almost impossible to define what...


Diane Jones Allen

Landscape architect, author, and program director of landscape architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington, Diane Jones Allen creates work committed to environmental justice, sustainability, and the cultural significance of landscape while advocating for the transformative potential of design....


Walter Hood

A palimpsest describes something reused or altered that still bears visible traces of its earlier form. Often palimpsests appear on a surface, but For Walter Hood, a place is a palimpsest. As places go through cycles of growth and decay,...


The Hill District Greenprint

The Hill District Greenprint is a project by Hood Design Studio that leverages the unique ecological and industrial landscape of the Hill District of Pittsburgh, PA, to combat the historical disinvestment and abandonment of the community. Hood worked to make...


The Solar Strand

The Solar Strand comprises a quarter-mile long array of 5000 photovoltaic panels on the campus of SUNY Buffalo. Designed by Walter Hood as the winning design for the University at Buffalo Solar Park Competition, the project takes what some might...


Liz Ogbu

Although trained as an architect, Liz Ogbu often introduces herself as diverging from the normality of her field. This is because Ogbu does not (necessarily) design buildings. Instead, Obgu’s architectural practice is dedicated to the design of opportunities for impact;...