Honoring the work of African American designers at the intersection of design, Black identity, and practice.

Introducing: The Nexus Excerpts

The Nexus Excerpts are transcribed portions of the Nexus podcast conversations, with additional visual references for context. For the first article, Rob Problak Gibbs speaks about the importance of hip-hop, graffiti, and blackness to his creative practice.

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The African American Design Nexus presents The Nexus, a podcast that explores the intersection of design, identity, and practice through conversations with Black designers, writers and educators.

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African American Design Nexus StoryMaps harness the power of maps, images, and a series of other media to tell place-based, interactive stories about sites of Black design.

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Nexus Features seek to promote the presence of African Americans in the design industry, showcase their craft, and the areas they work.

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