Designers can either consult governments or be commissioned by governments to solve a problem outside of the government’s capability. Many designers can find themselves designing government buildings, doing research for governments on development strategies, as well as working with a municipality on a redevelopment strategy or community engagement process.

Nexus Podcast

Justin Garrett Moore

Season 2, Episode 2: Justin Garrett Moore shares the history of Urban Patch and the importance of expanding the archive of Architectural history to include marginalized voices.

Nexus Podcast

Isabel Strauss

Season 1, Episode 7: Isabel Strauss, a current GSD student, discusses her thesis, which takes the shape of a Request for Proposals to address paths to reparations for Black communities in Chicago's South Side.

Nexus Podcast

Toni Griffin

Season 1, Episode 6: Urbanist, architect, and GSD Professor Toni Griffin shares her experiences transitioning from working in the private sector to the public sector and starting her own design research initiative.


Calexico West Land Port of Entry

Design Philosophy Calexico explores the unique middle ground between two countries:  It is the transitional space that hosts a blurring of rich cultures, that allows safe, efficient, and dignified passage between two places, and represents a gateway to both places.The...