Related to or referencing the African Diaspora

Nexus Podcast

Mpho Matsipa and Antawan Byrd

Title: Season 3, Episode 4: Mpho Matsipa and Antawan Byrd navigate Pan-Africanism and Counter-Cartographies in curatorial and archival practice.

Nexus Podcast

Dana McKinney

Season 2, Episode 8: We learn from Dana McKinney how her commitment to activism has been integral to her architectural practice and education.

Nexus Podcast

The Nexus X Black in Design

Season 2, Episode 7: The Nexus goes live with Black in Design 2021: Black Matter! We reflect on two panels held on October 9th with attendees of the Black in Design conference.

Nexus Podcast

Amir Hall and Marisa Parham

Season 2, Episode 1: Amir Hall and Marisa Parham engage in a conversation on how technology forms and mediates identity.

Nexus Podcast

Michelle Joan Wilkinson

Season 1, Episode 4: Dr. Michelle Joan Wilkinson discusses the systems of power embedded in architectural design and her work as a curator documenting diasporic architectural heritage.

Nexus Podcast

De Nichols

Season 1, Episode 2: Activist and social practice artist De Nichols discusses the origins of the #DesignAsProtest movement and how design can be a tool to dismantle white supremacist logics.


Museum of the African Diaspora

Located in the heart of the Yerba Buena cultural district of San Francisco, the Museum of the African Diaspora was designed by the Freelon Group and opened in 2005. The museum celebrates the history, art, and culture of people of...


Mabel O. Wilson

Mabel O. Wilson is the founder of Studio &, a firm exploring different facets of art, architecture, and cultural history. She is the Nancy and George E. Rupp Professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, as...