The preservation of natural or cultural resources through managed use. For example, as an ecological concept, the preservation of natural resources through responsible use and stewardship; a component of sustainable development. In context of conservation, preserving cultural heritage resources through maintenance and limited use.

Nexus Podcast

Dmitri Julius

Season 2, Episode 5: Dmitri Julius connects the dots between terrestrial, sustainable building practices and new technologies being developed for human habitation in outer space.

Nexus Podcast

Bryan Lee, Jr.

Season 1, Episode 3: Bryan Lee Jr. joins us to continue our conversation with De Nichols about the #DesignAsProtest collective and Dark Matter University.


Kimberly Dowdell

Kimberly Dowdell, AIA, NOMA is an architect and real estate developer born and raised in Detroit.  She is the president of the National Association of Minority Architects, the Director of Business Development for HOK’s Chicago Office, and a partner of...


Stephen Gray

Stephen Gray continually challenges the false choice between either making cities more beautiful or making them more equitable. Whether in his career as a senior urban designer at Sasaki or in his teaching and research at the GSD, Gray’s work...


Walter Hood

A palimpsest describes something reused or altered that still bears visible traces of its earlier form. Often palimpsests appear on a surface, but For Walter Hood, a place is a palimpsest. As places go through cycles of growth and decay,...


The Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise

The Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) in Singapore is a visionary 729,900 square-foot campus, opened in 2013, for a pathbreaking research university dedicated to innovations in science and technology. Comprised of two mid-rise and one high-rise building...


The Solar Strand

The Solar Strand comprises a quarter-mile long array of 5000 photovoltaic panels on the campus of SUNY Buffalo. Designed by Walter Hood as the winning design for the University at Buffalo Solar Park Competition, the project takes what some might...


Clean Team Ghana

Clean Team Ghana is a transformative, large-scale social enterprise and collaboration between Unilever, IDEO, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor, and Studio O, among others, addressing the global issue of safe and convenient sanitation. The project delivers a portable...