Conceptual Work

Conceptual is characterized by an emphasis on communicating an idea and the [designer’s] intent, rather than the production of the [work] itself, often including documentation referring to the creation process. The ideas or concepts that a work expresses or refers to are considered to be its defining characteristic, and the finished material result, if it exists at all, is regarded primarily as a form of documentation rather than as the art work.


Day Labor Station

The Day Labor Station is an innovative conceptual design for an adaptable structure which would provide shelter for day laborers waiting for work. The design would also create a community environment by providing a meeting space and classroom for those...


Liz Ogbu

Although trained as an architect, Liz Ogbu often introduces herself as diverging from the normality of her field. This is because Ogbu does not (necessarily) design buildings. Instead, Obgu’s architectural practice is dedicated to the design of opportunities for impact;...