Nexus Podcast | May 1, 2021

Rob Problak Gibbs

Season 2, Episode 3: Rob Problak Gibbs details how his origins as a graffiti writer and practice as a muralist have shaped the ways in which he engages with his community through the built environment.

Rob Problak Gibbs

Rob Problak Gibbs. Photo courtesy of Artists for Humanity.

Breathe Life 2
Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs working on “Breathe Life 2” at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. Photo by G. Ortiz Photography, courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston via


Rob Problak Gibbs has been involved in graffiti writing since he was an early teenager. He expanded this interest into creating large-scale murals which take the form of visual love letters to his community. Beyond his personal art practice, Gibbs details the origins of his work as a community activist, organizer and mentor through his non-profit organization Artists for Humanity, which hires and teaches local youth creative skills.

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About Rob Problak Gibbs

Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs is a visual artist and organizer who has transformed the cultural landscape of Boston through graffiti art since the early 90’s. Gibbs grew up in Roxbury, Massachusetts during the Hip-Hop Golden Age and was in his teens when he found that the power of graffiti was a powerful form of self-expression.

In 1991, Gibbs co-founded Artists for Humanity (AFH), an arts non-profit that hires and teaches youth creative skills, ranging from painting to screen printing to 3-D model making. For the past 29 years, ProBlak has served in many leadership roles at AFH and currently directs the Paint Studio.

ProBlak has a strong focus on arts education. He has been an adjunct educator for Boston Public Schools, conducted countless workshops, and is a formal and informal mentor to artists who are early and mid- career. Most recently Rob served as a guest lecturer at Northeastern University for their “Foundations of Black Culture: Hip-Hop” course, curated the 2019 BAMS Fest’s “Rep Your City” exhibition and was invited to be one of two Artists-in-Residence with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston making his, the inaugural residency

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