Nexus Podcast | March 29, 2021

Justin Garrett Moore

Season 2, Episode 2: Justin Garrett Moore shares the history of Urban Patch and the importance of expanding the archive of Architectural history to include marginalized voices.

Justin Garrett Moore

Justin Garrett Moore. Photo by Dario Calmese.

Image of Flanner House – Fall Creek Homes Project. Courtesy of Urban Patch via the Indiana Historical Society. 


Justin Garrett Moore shares the history of Urban Patch and its origins in Flanner House, a locus for self-help services started by his grandfather, Albert Allen Moore, for Black people in 1940s Indianapolis. Through this project, we explore the importance of expanding the archive of Architectural history to include the records of marginalized communities.

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About Justin Garrett Moore

Justin Garrett Moore is a transdisciplinary designer and urbanist and is the program officer for the Humanities in Place program at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. He has extensive planning and design experience—from regional and urban systems, policies, and projects to grassroots and community-focused planning, design, public realm, and arts initiatives. At the Mellon Foundation, his work focuses on advancing equity, inclusion, and social justice through place-based initiatives, built environments, cultural heritage projects, digital and ephemeral programs, and commemorative spaces and landscapes.

In his fifteen-year career in public service, Justin has led several complex planning and design projects, including the Greenpoint and Williamsburg Waterfront, Hunter’s Point South, and the Brooklyn Cultural District. His work spans housing and community development, place and open space design, historic preservation, public art and monuments, and civic engagement and participation. He is also the co-founder of Urban Patch—a family-run social enterprise focused on sustainable design and development projects in the United States and Rwanda.

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