Submission & Registration

The African American Design Nexus calls on black designers, to participate in creating a digital archive to capture the presence, work, and talent of black designers practicing around the world.

Historical figures are welcomed just as much as contemporary figures, and aspiring designers. The Design Nexus is both an archive and an educational initiative made to increase diversity and representation within design schools and the design industry. We seek to do this by celebrating the presence, creativity, and importance of black designers in our world. By exploring the intersection of design, black identity, and practice through people, projects, and places, we hope to create a network not just for promoting black designers, but to inspire new generations of black designers to see these professional pathways as obtainable, revered, and bounteous in their potential.

The Design Nexus emerged from the Harvard GSD’s biennial Black in Design Conference and debuted this year as a part of the conference’s theme of Black Futurism. This project concerns itself with how black designers have influenced the built environment in the past and present as well as anticipating the role black designers will play in shaping the future of our built environments.

The African American Design Nexus is actively registering designers and submissions for project and content features. In order to be added or submit content to the Design Nexus please contact us at: aadn@gsd.harvard.edu.

This is an open call and designers and content contributors will be added on a rolling basis.