Nexus Podcast | January 12, 2021

Isabel Strauss

Season 1, Episode 7: Isabel Strauss, a current GSD student, discusses her thesis, which takes the shape of a Request for Proposals to address paths to reparations for Black communities in Chicago's South Side.

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Strauss discusses her thesis project which takes the shape of a Request for Proposals to address paths to reparations for the Black communities of Chicago’s South Side. To submit a proposal or find out more information on Strauss’s project, visit https://architectureofreparations.cargo.site/.

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About Isabel Strauss

Isabel Strauss is currently pursuing her Master’s in Architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. She received her AB from Harvard College with a concentration in The History of Art and Architecture, and has a professional background in museum collection management and scenic design. She has worked for Johnston Marklee, Michael Maltzan Architecture, SOM New York, Todd Rosenthal Scenic Design, The Goodman Theater, and The Whitney Museum. Strauss was a project researcher with the African American Design Nexus from 2017 to 2020. She worked closely with GSD faculty, students, and alumni to conceptualize the scope of the AADN, produce website content, and outline this digital archive’s position in relation to other important cultural archives and collections.

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Developed by the African American Design Nexus at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, The Nexus is a podcast that explores the intersection of design, identity, and practice through conversations with Black designers, writers and educators. The Nexus is produced in conjunction with a commitment by the Frances Loeb Library to acquire and create an open-access bibliography of various media suggested by the GSD community on the intersection between race and design.

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The Nexus Season 1 is hosted by Caleb Negash and Tara Oluwafemi, students in the Master of Architecture program at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Our show is recorded and edited by Maggie Janik, and our theme music is produced by DJ Eway.


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