StoryMaps | November 30, 2020

Harlem, NYC StoryMap

By tracing Black-designed places in Harlem, this StoryMap highlights the importance of Black urbanists in shaping Harlem’s historical and contemporary identities.

Black and white image of Harlem

Harlem, which has long been a testing ground for architectural and urban strategies, has seen (and continues to see) many cycles of economic upheaval, creative output, shifting cultural landscapes, and struggles over the right to the city. By tracing Black-designed places in Harlem, this StoryMap will highlight the importance of Black urbanists in shaping Harlem’s historical and contemporary identities.

Use the scrollbar on the embedded StoryMap below to explore Harlem’s evolution through the lens of Black-designed places.

StoryMap Credits

The Harlem StoryMap was composed by Thandi Nyambose, student in the Master of Urban Planning program at Harvard Graduate School of Design.